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This will enable you to download songs straight off Hype M

1)Use firefox

2)Download an add-on called greasemonkey

3)Restart firefox after installing greasemonkey

4)Download “Hypem Download Links” userscript

5)Go to your account and look at a track. At the very end of the song’s title there will now a be a disk shaped icon. Right click, “save link as” and make sure you’re downloading an mp3 audio file and not simply an html link (should do this automatically, but like all things on the interwebs it is prone to a little bedwetting).

6)DO NOT RENAME THE TRACK… you’ll want to because it comes up as something like “5wjutyt7332nfnjgj.mp3” but don’t worry, when plugged into iTunes it’ll rename automatically 90% of the time.

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